digiXMAS Submitter

digiXMAS Submitter 3.7

digiXMAS Directory Submitter is a semi-automated directory submission tool
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DigiXMAS Directory Submitter is SEO friendly, semi-automated directory submission tool that quickly submits your websites to thousands of free directories. With digiXMAS Submitter, your submission time is reduced to minimum by smart features of the tool.

Shinkansen Mode - Semi-automated Mode(Paid Mode): Regarding to your site profile and manually confirmed category selection, our tool sends submission request directly to directories and analyses response to report the result. You don't have to visit the directories. Unfortunately, this mode supports limited number of directories

Truck Mode - Manual Mode(Free Mode): Only thing you have to do is go to category in each directory that you want to submit your site to and click Submit. All the rest will be done by the tool. This mode supports almost all directories. Furthermore, you can have your own directory list in this mode.

Main features:

- Automatic rotation of unlimited sets of anchor text and description text.
- Support of "tokens" randomization for anchor text and description text.
- Automatic record of anchor text, submission status, submission date and selected category.
- Support of online mode, so your directory list is always 'fresh'.
- Possibility of re-sending submission requests that failed.
- Possibility of re-sending out-of-date submission requests.
- Colorful directory list that clearly shows the submission status of each site.

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